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Survivor of an acquired brain injury
He's now capable of using the left side of his body and walk

Living with knee osteoarthritis
Walking without walker or cane


Living with Parkinson’s
Keeping the pace, feeling stronger and capable


Living with knee osteoarthritis
Climbing and kneeling without fear of falling

Living with muscular dystrophy, myositis
Achieved his dream of running a 10K marathon, with Keeogo

Living with incomplete spinal cord injury
Now able to do all of her daily activities and accomplish her work easier


Living with hip osteoarthritis
Getting around naturally and without pain


Living with Ankylosing Spondylitis
Gaining back her ability to walk

Living with multiple sclerosis
Got back her ability to walk after 17 years of using a wheelchair


A stroke survivor
Being Independent with Keeogo

Living with multiple sclerosis
Extended his ability to work for almost 2 years and maintains an active lifestyle

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