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The Science

Dermoskeleton™ Technology

A human-machine interface, the Dermoskeleton reduces stress on the knee, and then indirectly, the rest of the body. This motorized assistance allows for the restoration, maintenance or augmentation of movement. The user leads and the Dermoskeleton follows - support at the knee, healthier steps, freedom of movement.


Powered Motion

The robotic system moves symbiotically with the wearer. Dermoskeleton technology detects intention based on the initial movements. Motors then support completion of the movement. The joint is braced, supported, and moved actively with assistance from motors. The Dermoskeleton provides unique assistance for each user to ensure appropriately augmented and healthier patterns.


The Dermoskeleton surrounds the body to serve as an additional and supporting artificial musculo-skeletal system. It protects the wearer from knee stress to prevent acute or chronic injuries and enhances capacity for and quality of movements. This can increase the users’ strength, endurance and stability.


The device’s assistance is adjustable and is meant to complement one’s own strength. Dermoskeleton design is slim and non-intrusive to provide strength, stability, security and the ability to move in a normal, unrestricted manner in day to day life.


the science behind Keeogo

B-TEMIA’s products incorporate the Company’s proprietary Dermoskeleton technology, this is the result of an emerging science deemed Dermoskeletics. Dermoskeletics is the application of motorized assistance and the study the of interaction between the human body and its environment.


This human-machine interface, our Dermoskeleton™, reduces musculoskeletal stress on the body structure by adding biomechanical energy and bracing the joints. This leads to restoration, maintenance and augmentation of biomechanical function. Clinical application of Dermoskeletons include addressing orthopedic, muscular, and neurological conditions.

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