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Mobility Like Never Before: Keeogo’s AI-Powered Exoskeleton Changing The Rehabilitation Industry

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

Introducing Keeogo, a breakthrough exoskeleton robotics technology developed by Canadian innovator B-Temia Inc. (BTI) aimed to make medical rehabilitation accessible and affordable especially during (and after) the pandemic stricken medical environment. The company’s mission is to help patients successfully regain mobility even after a life-altering complication, such as a medical stroke.

Every year, more than 795,000 people in the United States suffer from a stroke. The number of cases is over 3,000,000 a year in China, accounting for a third of the global cases. “Chronic stroke patients who have undergone Keeogo rehabilitation sessions have shown improvement in walking performance, knee strength, stairs ability, and overall stability against falls,” explains Jimmy Chang, Chief of Smart Mobility at Wistron Medical Technology. Wistron Medical Technology is the majority investor of BTI, and desires to bring this exciting technology to Asia.

What makes Keeogo an industry game-changer?

The spirit of Keeogo is Keep on Going, encouraging professional clinicians and therapists to provide the most advanced training and rehab solutions for patients while reducing workload and labor of the service providers.

Keeogo is a lower limb powered human mobility device. Its proprietary Dermoskeleton technology is a novel type of lightweight exoskeleton that provides a true human-machine interface. The device is intended for use in rehabilitation settings such as training of walking gait, sit-to-stand and stand-to-sit, squatting and stair climbing (ascent and descent).

The robotic system moves symbiotically with the wearer

“Unlike traditional clinical exoskeletons in the market, Keeogo provides unparalleled flexibility while assisting people to perform different types of exercises with its intuitive design,” says Yuji Kasima, the owner of Rehappy, a Rehabilitation Clinic in Tokyo, Japan.

“Currently adopted in most advanced countries, Keeogo is the long awaited product that will pioneer and innovate the rehab and physical therapy market and ultimately disrupt the rehabilitation industry for good,” states Jimmy Chang.

The Company behind Keeogo’s success

Wistron Medical Technology is a world leading driver of clinical and industrial exoskeleton industry via strategic investment and contract manufacturing with various commercially available innovative developers. A listed Fortune Global 500 company, Wistron is one of the top Original Design Manufacturers globally, with more than $34 billion CAD (computer-aided design) sales. The collaboration between Wistron’s strong product manufacturing capability and BTI advanced bio-robotics design capability ensures Keeogo a high level of performance and quality offering ultimate profitability for its business partners.

Keeogo is mostly used in outpatient care by institutional Rehab Service Providers

Keeogo’s key advantages

The device is an ultra light exoskeleton robot weighing only 6.8 kilograms compared to other models that are at least 14 kilograms. Aside from its user-friendly weight, Keeogo also successfully leverages its patented artificial intelligence technology to help detect, respond and support an individual's movements with advanced software and motorized assistance. Keeogo has been clinically approved in the United States, Europe, Japan, and China.

Looking ahead

The global clinical rehab training market demands a post-pandemic solution that needs to be flexible, reliable, and mobile, all of which Keeogo excels in. Hence, the company seeks resourceful regional entrepreneurs who share the same vision and desire to partner together with Wistron.

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